Bar 4 Bar

Bar 4 Bar is a bar generator that generates funny, tight, and sometimes whack bars. Respond to your friends and family with a barrage of uniquely generated bars!

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Other Apps


LogFish is the simple way to log your catches and take notes.

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FourForty is designed to help train your ears so you can tune your guitar with your ears alone.

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WallStreet Slider

A game where users can learn and participate in major stock market events.
Can you turn a hundred into a million?

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All of these apps were designed and developed by Ephraim Esson. Ephraim is a app developer who began coding during late 2019. The apps are inspired by a love for music, the outdoors, and other interest. Bar 4 Bar was created with the help of Duncan McDonald and designed to be a fun interactive app for everyone.

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